Gucci is Headed to Rome for Cruise 2020

The May show will continue Alessandro Michele's dialogue with the old world.
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Fashion month may have just ended, but Gucci is already sharing plans for their next runway romp. The brand is busy planning for Cruise 2020 (yes, 2020!), and in accordance with recent themes, Alessandro Michele is taking his new collection to an old world-inspired location. After last year's Cruise show in Arles, France, and a Pre-Fall 2019 campaign shot in Pompeii, Gucci's next source of inspiration will be the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

The hilltop museums bring the past to life in more ways than one. They fulfill the aforementioned ancient world aesthetic through a major antiquities collection, but they also remind Michele of his upbringing in the capital city. Blending a brand-wide premodern art fascination with the creative director's hometown memories, the show is sure to hit a new level of nostalgia.

In addition to building on a recent uptick in shows honoring the past, Cruise 2020 will continue Gucci's tendency to show the leisure-minded season in historical venues, something that has happened every year under Michele's creative direction. And rather than simply capitalizing on ancient aesthetics, the brand will be using its influence to give back to Rome, making a donation over the next two years to support the restoration of the Rupe Tarpea, a cliff on the south side of the Capitoline Hill.

After an edgy Fall 2019 show in Milan, all signs point to the Capitoline Museums show returning to Gucci's quirky classics, unless Michele has a surprise in store. But whether the collection features the brand's signature Renaissance inspiration, high-fashion togas, and/or homages to the designer's Roman childhood, the show is sure to take over the internet as always as millennials rally around another artsy vision.

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