Gucci just announced an Eid collaboration with this Dubai based brand

Maison Assouline Dubai has launched a Gucci collaboration in time for Eid
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This week, one-of-a-kind 'culture concept' store Maison Assouline Dubai announced that it was launching exclusive pieces from Gucci's Courrier Collection in the city, in time for Eid. 

The collection was first displayed at the flagship store in Piccadilly, London. According to a spokesperson for the store, the collaboration is part of the "Gucci Place initiative" which includes "pieces that have been designed to invite people to explore locations around the world that have inspired Gucci."

The incredible pieces include plenty of eclectic motifs including patches, coats of arms and other design details. 

"The idea around Gucci Places is to encourage people to discover interesting and unexpected stories about each place, and so become part of a community," said the spokesperson.

"The Gucci Places programme is thus a network of locations connected to Gucci, all of which possess the quality of being able to surprise, arouse interest and inspire a creative response," they continued. 

Here are some of the key pieces from the collection: 


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