Gucci makes these childhood sandals trendy again

Many celebrities and influencers have already been spotted on Instagram with transparent water sandals.
© @ melissashoes.aus

Water sandals to pick up shells on the beach? No, celebrities and influencers have already been spotted with the Alexa Chung variant with glitter, that of Gucci with crystals or that of Viktor and Rolf with flowers.

You probably had your doubts at first, but after seeing the photos, we have to admit that it can give an outfit a fun wink , with or without socks. And we are not even talking about comfort. Oh, how grateful we are for the increase in athleisure .

1592717243996430 463463 j8700 1000 002 100 0000 light rubber buckle strap sandal
Gucci rubber buckle strap sandal (AED1,800)
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Gucci rubber sandals with crystals (AED2,250)

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