Jennifer Lopez: her iconic Versace dress is now available as sneakers

The Versace dress worn by Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy Awards in 2000 has made a comeback... this time as sneakers.
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At the Grammy Awards in 2000, Jennifer Lopez appeared in an ultra-glamorous dress in a dizzying exotic print, forever entering the history of pop culture and the pantheon of fashion. The Versace design, which left its mark on everyone's mind is back today, this time in sneakers.

The Italian fashion house has collaborated with the sneaker brand Concepts to create a range inspired by JLo's iconic dress in honour of her 20th anniversary on the red carpet and the singer's 50th birthday. Sneakers with a tropical design is punctuated with beige representing the deep neckline of her dress.

The Concepts x Versace sneakers are available online for around AED 4,000. 

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