Jil Sander's Minimalism For The 2021 Resort Collection

Looking to the near future, where we will consume less, the duo of designers presents an elegant and timeless collection
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Photo: Instagram @jilsander

Jil Sander is not a reference in timeless and minimalist pieces. Since the year of its creation, in 1968, the German Maison has come, day after day, reinforcing its ideals through creations that fill the eyes and heart. And this time, it couldn't be any different! The 2021 Resort collection marked another clean, minimalist era for Jil Sander, leaving no trace of dissatisfaction.

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Photo: Instagram @jilsander

Aiming to create 'clothes that last', Lucie and Luke Meier, in charge of creative direction since 2017, presented a collection with a neutral color palette, varying between black, white and other more pigmented, such as yellow and orange, always bringing the typical aesthetic of the brand. Models also minimalist and sophisticated border the genderless. Clean cuts and silhouettes have been combined with a mix of modern, elegant and entirely timeless fabrics.


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Photo: Instagram @jilsander
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Photo: Instagram @jilsander
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Photo: Instagram @jilsander

Pieces that exhale minimalism enchant with functionality and small details such as buttons, rates, seams and zippers do not go unnoticed, reflecting the brand's gaze for a near future in which we will consume less.

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Photo: Instagram @jilsander

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