Lacoste Unleashes the Crocodile Inside

With an all-star group of tenacious Lacoste supporters behind the brand, Lacoste launches new campaign #crocodileinside.
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In the brand’s latest move, a new class of Lacoste ambassadors including Novak Djokovic, Chloé Sevigny, A$AP Nast, Alton Mason, Moha La Squale, Rod Paradot, Serena Motola, Noah Becker, Salif Gueye, Ebonee Davis, Sang Woo, Jamie Bochertt, and Clara 3000 have joined the Lacoste team in promoting #crocodileinside.  Through a series of portraits shot by photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch, which will soon be available worldwide, Lacoste has aquired a series of notable celebrities known for their acting, modeling, rapping, djing, and dancing abilities, as well as activism and athleticism.  This range of talent speaks to the brand's own diversity and attraction to unique inidividuals that are established in their own right.  Lacoste shows us what it's clientel already knows: that there's more than one way to wear a polo.

The brand ambassadors share not only a love of Lacoste’s functionally fashionable clothing but also its values of freedom of mind and movement, creativity, sportsmanship, and tenacity, instilled by founder and famous tennis player René Lacoste.  Lacoste’s latest campaign adopts the brand’s classic products and incorporates an air of ease and modernity. Each of Pearch’s notable subjects exemplifies the tenacious, creative, and free-minded nature behind Lacoste’s brand.


American rapper ASAP Nast embodies the tenacity of the Lacoste wearer.  Born in Harlem, New York, he began his music career at age 21, despite the trial and tribulation that preceded it.  He founded the ASAP Mob, a collective of rappers and hip hop musicians that are known for their lyrics and beats, as much as they are for their style and public personas.  He fits so well with the Lacoste brand that, in the photograph, he even finds himself branded with its logo.


Chloé Sevigny is an actress who set out to create her own path at a young age, moving to New York at the age of 18, becoming an actress, and quickly garnering success in the modeling and acting worlds alike.  Sevigny has been nominated for an Oscar and is applauded for her unique roles in avant-garde and independent films.  Here she brings a playful take to a classic monochromatic tennis look.


Alton Mason looks good in one, not two, but six Lacoste polos, which the dancer turned model's slender frame can easily support.  His down to earth attitude and approach to fashion fit perfectly with the brand's no-frills, casual style.

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