LOEWE Eye/Loewe/Nature Fall Winter 2020 Collection

Eye/LOEWE/Nature is a growing selection of outdoorsy staples: parkas, windbreakers, fleeces, jumpers, shirts, t-shirts, hiking boots and accessories.
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'The LOEWE man, in my vision, is an escapist just as much as he is practical: someone who loves adventures, of any kind, and has a fondness for the great outdoors. These two elements come together in the Eye/LOEWE/Nature collection of technical essentials designed to dive in to nature, as the name itself suggests. Eye/LOEWE/Nature is a growing selection of outdoorsy staples: parkas, windbreakers, fleeces, jumpers, shirts, t-shirts, hiking boots and accessories. 

The singular moment we are going through made me reflect with renewed interest on the link we, as humans, have with the natural world, and the actions we can take in order to minimize our impact on the whole ecosystem. This is why the Fall Winter 2020 collection is focused on upcycling. I love the idea of repurposing something that already had a life: it reminds of the transformative power of creativity. Using existing sources also gives unicity to each piece, which is a very warm trait, akin to my proclivity for craft. 

The main story this season has a military inspiration that is a matter of materials, camouflage motifs and shapes such as parkas, patch-pocket hooded shirts, cargo shorts and trousers. We have upcycled military tents in order to build these pieces, each one different from the other. A series of new shirts has been developed from patchworks of existing flannel check shirts. We have carried the upcycling ethos in accessories, too, crafting a convertible bag out of camouflage army jackets, and a tote from vintage fleece jackets.

A conscious mindset pervades the whole collection. For t-shirts as well as fleece jackets and workwear, we favored either organic cottons or upcycled cotton derived from production discards, while the polyester used in knitted jumpers is derived from recycled plastic bottles. Shapes and colors wise the collection is loose and organic, with occasional bright flashes for a slightly psychedelic effect which is highlighted by the eye logo, both as print and an embroidery. GORE-TEX items and a series of accessories such as socks, caps and boots complete the project with further stress on functionality.

Eye/LOEWE/Nature to me is LOEWE at its most grounded and pragmatic, with an inspired eye. It has a timeless aura and a feeling for nature that is very important right now as an invitation to free our minds with new adventures.' –Jonathan

Collection available from 29 October at LOEWE The Dubai Mall store.

Eye/LOEWE/Nature upcycled camouflage parka in cotton and polyester
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Eye/LOEWE/Nature upcycled check patchwork shirt in cotton
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Eye/LOEWE/Nature upcycled military tent cargo trousers in cotton
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Eye/LOEWE/Nature upcycled convertible backpack in printed textile

For every Eye/LOEWE/Nature product sold, LOEWE will donate 15 euros to environmental causes.


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