Loewe is Launching a New Menswear Line For Backpackers

From 10 January, "Eye/LOEWE/Nature" will offer a range of functional clothing and Japan-made accessories designed for the outdoors.
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Attention all digital nomads, nature lovers and frequent backpackers: Loewe is launching a new menswear line on 10 January that will greatly appease your lifestyles. Specially created for "the men who are drawn to nature", Eye/LOEWE/Nature will offer a range of functional and stylish clothing and accessories designed for venturing into the great outdoors.

The first collection boasts an array of parkas, knit jumpers and other outerwear, on top of cargo shorts, trousers and shirts. These are all exquisitely made with technical and eco-friendly materials, such as partly-recycled cotton fibre. (The focus on sustainability is obvious; there won't be nature left to venture to otherwise.) Loewe's take on backpacker style also celebrates colours, trading the typical, drab khakis and camo greens for bright, primary hues like yellow, blue and red.

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The same rings true for the accessories: backpacks, tote bags, sling sacks and the like, all exclusively crafted by traditional artisans in Japan. The backpack, in particular, stands out with its hand-sewn, high-grade canvas exterior, lined with calfskin leather and contrasting white stitching. Loewe didn't compromise on practicality either, as the bag comes with added cushioning and support.

Ready for your next hiking trip? See more of the collection below:


The Eye/LOEWE/Nature collection will be available from 10 January at LOEWE stores.

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