Maryam Nassir Zadeh Fall 2019

She once again delivered the collection of our dreams.
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New York Fashion Week is always an occasion to be remembered and this year is no different, with designers going to new lengths to elevate their personal brands and remain on the up and up of the coming year’s fashion trends.  

The always exceptional Maryam Nassir Zadeh happens to be one of these designers, choosing stylish pieces with functional use, Zadeh makes use of muted tones and breathes new life into corduroy suits, fringe sweatshirts, and even a streetwear-inspired take on the classic leather moto jacket.

The designer didn’t shy away from patterns and styles, mixing cheetah, zebra, and fringe in one outfit and a bold, almost colonial era collar over a classic tailor suit with a neon shirt in another.

The dynamic and bold new collection is a testament to Zadeh's ability to seamlessly integrate styles from different eras, color schemes, and even styles of tailoring to create advanced looks that seem as if they were made to be worn together.

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