Must Cop: Converse x JW Anderson's Latest Footwear Creation

The 70s are back with the Converse x JW Anderson collab, available February 12.
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When there are resurgences in past fashion trends, it evokes a  variety of reactions—excitement, dread, and silent prayers from curvaceous women that low rider jeans aren’t the next thing to make their way back into rotation.  However, the latest offering from Converse x JW Anderson's partnership is a return to 70s fashion that we can all be thankful for.

The brand’s dynamic approach to footwear is exemplified through its sleek curved heel and platform that transports its wearer back to the era of free love, reminding us that sometimes the most interesting styles are the ones that have already had a moment.  If you didn’t live through the 70s or attend Woodstock, like many of Converse’s young shoppers, think Jackie Burkhart’s icon outfits on “That ‘70s Show.” Oftentimes a fashion throwback can seem contrived or costumey, but Converse’s newest shoe, with its contrasting blue and orange sole and iconic black star logo, is a fresh take on a classic.

This collaboration represents the evolution of Converse’s design history and innovation throughout its various collaborations.  Converse shoes have come to be known for their versatility, reliability, and diversity, making its way into the niches of a broad spectrum of communities. The Converse x JW Anderson collab is no different, as it ventures to the ever popular streetwear trend, incorporating an athletic element to the shoe that is just as well served when worn sitting on a couch.

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