One Hundred Years of Hidden Treasures

“It takes you 10 seconds to feel the perfect fit. It takes us 18 months to create the perfect bra.” - Van de Velde, The Emperor of Lingerie
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And it takes 100 years of courage, hard work, determination, patience, protection of values, tradition and heritage to stay at the top of the competitive fashion world as the unbeatable Rolls-Royce of lingerie.

This is the story of Van de Velde, the honorable family which this year celebrates a century of its business success.

It was in December 1919 when Achiel and Margaretha Van de Velde started their small corsettery atelier in Schellebelle (Belgium). They were the grandfather and grandmother of Herman, Liesbeth and Greet Van de Velde, who are now still active in the company. 

Achiel and Margaretha produced custom-made classic women’s corsets. From the very beginning those corsets were known for their excellent fit. When Achiel and Margaretha’s children came into the company, they expanded the product range, and build up a small stock, so their customers could place backorders. Their reputation of an atelier with a high level of craftsmanship and an excellent customer service grew, and became a foundation of the company’s further success. 

In the late seventies, the third generation took over. New generation - new ideas. They created their own brands, started doing marketing, and turned Van de Velde into an internationally renowned luxury lingerie company. 

Blinded by the vision of growth, many companies abandon their heritage. But not Van de Velde. To this day the management stays focused on their most valuable heritage - the craftsmanship.

Their product is technically very complicated, and they have absolute control when it comes to quality control of the materials, the fit and the finished product. This results in a long production process. Between the moment one of their designers makes the first drawing, and the time this perfect fitting luxury bra is ready to be tried on, and bought by a woman somewhere around the world in a lingerie store, there is a period of 18 months!

Working with best suppliers in the world from France, Italy, and Switzerland that deliver as well to the fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, Valentino and Gucci, Van de Velde is using these exclusive fabrics, embroideries and laces to crate delicate and the most beautiful designs for their collections. 

When a woman in the fitting room tries on one of these beauties, it takes her just 10 seconds to feel how perfectly well it fits, how comfortable it is, and how beautiful it makes her look! Trust me. I’ve done it. Have you ever tried on the bra that is so comfortable and so beautiful you feel like you can even sleep in it?

And what amount of work was done for this to be possible!

Van de Velde Marie Jo

Women want to feel beautiful and self-confident, and improve their self-image through the hidden treasures of lingerie. The confidence starts underneath. And beauty has no shape. It’’s an attitude.

Van de Velde creates three strong, complementary, highly elegant, crafted, luxury lingerie brands: Marie Jo, PrimaDonna and Andres Sarda. Each one of them makes you feel on the top of the world every time you wear it.

Marie Jo was launched in 1981. It was Van de Velde’s first own brand and an immediate success. Today Marie Jo is a true lifestyle brand ‘Created for Living and Loving’; created with care for women on the move. This ‘get-up-and-go’ collection is inspired by women’s busy lives; created to support them to live and love life, without any restrictions.

The Marie Jo collection brings elegant, lacy and romantic pieces with couture sensitivity, while the Marie Jo L’Aventure collection has a minimalist, clean and prêt-à-porter flavor.

Marie Jo loungewear

PrimaDonna gloriously ‘celebrates curves’, supporting women both physically and emotionally. It offers perfect-fitting luxury lingerie for naturally curved women. Lingerie that flatters your curves, gives a boost to your confidence. PrimaDonna gives women who take a large cup the right support, always fits perfectly and creates an elegant female form. 

Her younger sister - PrimaDonna Twist is fresh and young. With daring colors and hip designs, with a growing fan base, PrimaDonna Twist is becoming a hit! 

Through expertise and deep-rooted technical skills VDV have created a refined swimwear collection of bikinis and swimsuits - PrimaDonna Swim, and sports bra collection. With the PrimaDonna’s fit, quality and gorgeous designs, swim and sports are definitely the best support for women with a bigger cup-size; at the beach, at the pool, or in the gym.

You can wear your confidence anytime, anywhere.

PrimaDonna Twist

And if you are looking for the southern flair; typical Barcelona temperament, flamboyant lingerie that radiates luxury and sensuality, you should look for the famous Spanish brand Andres Sarda, in Van da Velde’s portfolio since 2008; designer brand, with a high-end daring style and a mediterranean breeze, completely designed in Barcelona.

Andres Sarda

There is so much more to be said about Van de Velde, the leader in lingerie harnesses, but one thing is sure: on their 100th birthday, the brightest light shines upon the company which enables women around the world unveil their true selves.

All brands are available in shops in Dubai and around the world, offering personalized service and advise.


* This story by Tanja Beljanski first appeared in the March 2019 issue of L'Officiel Arabia.

Van de Velde Andres Sarda

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