Our Favourite Accessories From Dior's F/W19 Collection

Taking one on the rediscovery of the Dior maison code- this accessories collection melds femininity and masculinity together with British subculture, resulting in the eclectic mix of fascinator-inspired bucket hats, plaid totes and more.
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With this year's women's Fall/Winter 2019 show inspired by Teddy Girls-the female counterpoint of Teddy Boys, one of Britan's first subcultures; it saw the revisiting of Christian Dior's New Look from the 1950's, something which current Artistic Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, has taken the opportunity to explore in this collection. Accessories were vital in complementing the ready-to-wear outfits, ranging from bucket hats, reimagined with netting, a la English fascinator hats, to sleek pumps and bags that matched the various checks and gingham patterns in the collection. 

Here are some of our favourite accessories from the collection:

1. Hats

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2. Shoes

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3. Belts 

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4. Bags

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5. Jewellery 

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