Paul Smith’s Foundation for Young People Launches on Company’s 50th Anniversary

Britain’s foremost fashion designer, Sir Paul Smith, has launched his namesake Foundation in September 2020. Coinciding with the company’s 50th anniversary, Paul Smith’s Foundation will be giving helpful advice to creative people.
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The digital platform will make available his personal archive of all the advice he has given and received over the last 50 years. Having advised many young people looking to grow their own businesses, he now wants to share his learnings with a wider audience.

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Spanning nine different categories including ‘Defining your Point of View’, ‘Making an Impression’ and ‘Learning by Doing’, young people will be able to discover Paul’s insights and anecdotes on the topics that are most relevant to graduates and those wanting to take the next step in their careers. The advice has been curated to appeal not only to fashion designers, but even aspiring chefs or publishers with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit can stand to benefit. The Foundation will evolve over time, with plans for new resources to be added to the website and social media channels periodically.

At a time when funding for the arts and access to education is at an all time low, Paul’s unconventional approach, tried and tested methods and enduring success can help guide emerging talent towards growing their own sustainable businesses and fulfilling careers.

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