Rhone sportswear launches first women’s collection

The new sustainable line includes hoodies, leggings and tanks
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Rhone is jumping headfirst into the womenswear market for the first time.

The label, which has been making sportswear for men since 2014, is rolling out its first collection this month.

The series focusses on empowerment, with pieces based around sayings by popular feminist figures such as Virginia Woolf (“No need to be anybody but oneself”) and Dr Maya Angelou.

"The genesis of this collection comes from something that has been instrumental to Rhone's success: the collaboration with and contributions of the extremely talented women in our company," said co-founder Kyle McClure.

"We wanted a collection that celebrates just that with sophisticated and edgy silhouettes married to extraordinary fabrics with a keen sense of design and style."

The collection includes tanks, hoodies, leggings and joggers – all crafted from breathable fabrics such as GoldFusion, a technology used in the menswear line.

Leggings are made from sustainable fabrics, including those made from recycled fishing nets removed from the world’s oceans.

Instead of using models, Rhone is using six female employees of the company. The quick videos meant for social media includes the staff reading quotations from Maya Angelou.

The brand has also made significant contributions to the Dr Maya Angelou Foundation – which supports healthcare equality for all.

Despite what the catwalks of Paris and Milan showcased this season, the activewear rend shows no signs of slowing down. Rhone is just the latest in a long line of high-profile womenswear collaborations, including Ultracor x Christian Lacroix as well as H&M x P.E. Nation.


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