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Interview with Creative Director Linda Friberg
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High-end fashion with as much love for our planet as for luxury fabrics - AVAVAV was founded by the Swedish duo Linda and Adam Friberg, in Firenze (Italy) in 2017. After co-founding the globally influential brands Cheap Monday, Weekday and Monki, Linda and Adam Friberg have created AVAVAV as the perfect expression of Linda’s personal style, interests, values, and beliefs. 

With this contemporary and confident brand duo strives to find new sustainable ways in the traditional fashion industry. In the line with the Fashion Revolution trend, they create monthly capsule collections by recycling waste fabrics from high-end brands. This way they can minimize waste and keep quantities low. 

AVAVAV is the proof that fashion can be chic and sustainable at the same time. 

While they never compromise on quality, their ethics always comes first. AVAVAV proudly says they work with the finest artisans near Florence. Thanks to the creation of a harmonious combination of clean and typical Scandinavian easy-to-wear design and the grace and firmness of Italian style, their real luxury product is characterized by a strong personality and is completely Made in Italy. 

AVAVAV Firenze

The fusion of Italian craftsmanship and affordable luxury are two elements that distinguish AVAVAV. The brand offers a wide range of products (from accessories to jewelry, from shoes to clothes) where the soft tailored fabrics are combined with soft leathers, all meticulously finished. 

“Throughout our supply chain, we rigorously and wholeheartedly abide by the Code of Conduct, based on ILO Conventions for labor practices and the UN’s Declaration on Human Rights, setting standards for labor rights and safety practices.“

As a creative director, Linda Friberg brings to existence her vision of the items every woman needs. Inspired by her life with her family in Florence and her Swedish upbringing, her soft tailoring and flexible fabrics drape and flow gracefully, making her garments consistently appear polished and feminine throughout the day, season to season. 

AVAVAV Firenze

TB: How did it all start?

LF: I am a trained dressmaker from Sweden. I been working in the fashion business for decades and I was one of the founders of Monki, Cheap Monday and Weekday. When we sold those companies we wanted to do something else so we decided to move to Florence in Italy. When we were exploring the area around Florence, we saw all the beautiful fabrics that were leftovers from the luxury textile business. It was like a treasure for a former dressmaker. It is actually a dream that I had since I was a child, working with beautiful fabrics and create dresses. But one of the main reasons was that I could do a new brand in a more sustainable way. I could take care of fabrics that were leftovers from the luxury industry and make affordable items.

TB: What does AVAVAV stand for?

LF: AVA has a nice meaning in many languages and also the infinity of AV builds a nice pattern. 

TB: Where do you find the inspiration?

LF: In a lot of things, but one of my biggest inspiration source is Florence. It is a small but international city with an amazing Renaissance history, nice museums, architecture, vintage stores, and it has a big portion of love for fashion and it’s art. I also gets a lot of inspiration when I look and touch the fabrics.

TB: Who do you address with your designs?

LF: It is a woman that is not afraid to express herself also through her cloths. She appreciates nice fabrics and she is happy that they are not mass produced.

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AVAVAV Firenze

TB: Please tell us about you production model.

LF: I go fabrics hunting few times a week. I create a monthly collection and I use the fabrics that I find. Like a chef using the vegetables that are in season. It is not the usual way to do it in the fashion industry, but I find it very inspiring.

TB: How do you see sustainability in fashion industry?

LF: It can be done in a different ways, but the most important thing is to do something. The way we work is that we don’t produce new fabrics for our garments. We use the leftover fabrics from the luxury industry. We produce relevant quantities not to be part of the overproduction that is a huge problem today.

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AVAVAV Firenze

TB: Any news or future projects?

LF: We are trying to keep up with the demand and find new fabrics and constantly develop AVAVAV. I have designed an exclusive collection for Net-a-porter that is launched mid of November; it’s so exciting!

AVAVAV Firenze

Long Ruffle Dress is definitely my No 1. This voluminous dress, made of 100% silk, has a dramatic Renaissance-inspired collar and puffy sleeves. It is the ideal dress to wear when you want all eyes on you. Fear of missing out? Shop their pre-order collection.

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