The Loubi Test - Will you be able to resist the Marie Jane bucket?

Christian Louboutin's hot new bag is top of our new season wish list
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When it comes to keeping our hands off a hot bag, only the strongest-willed amongst us can succeed. But celebrating the failure to do just that is the focus of Christian Louboutin's campaign for his latest bag - The Marie Jane Bucket -  which, unsurprisingly, we are desperate to get a hold of. 

Starring model and muse Farida Khelfa, Crystal Murray, Sara Waka and Rodica Von Buta, and with a cameo appearance by Mr.Louboutin himself, the Marie Jane campaign is based upon “The Marshmallow Test”  - a willpower test created in 1960 by Stanford researcher Walter Mischel to study a person's capacity to resist temptation. In the original experiment, children left in a room with a marshmallow were challenged not to eat it with the reward of receiving a second one. In this campaign,  three women invited to participate in “The Loubitest” have their willpower put to the test as well as they struggle to resist the charm of the latest Louboutin creation. As expected - and much like ourselves - they just cannot keep their hands off this new irresistible bag.

Available for SS19, see the Marie Jane campaign here...

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Bella Hadid and Suki Waterhouse are both Marie Jane fans

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