This Just In: Snapchat Spectacles Fuse Fashion and Tech

The social media giant is introducing its latest iteration of their Spectacle, with two new styles that shoot video directly from the frame
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When Snapchat first rolled out its first Spectacle campaign in 2016, the world simply wasn’t ready—the unisex pair of round lenses fully equipped with Snapchat functionality took the world by absolute storm. In a highly anticipated follow-up to the original launch, this winter the ever-growing social media platform is introducing Spectacles 2, which might just be the tech-focused, fashion accessory you never knew you needed. 

Featuring two styles, one called the “Nico” and the other “Veronica”, Snapchat is aiming to reshape the Spectacle from simply being an additional utility for the Snapchat experience, into a full-blown foray into the world of fashion. With a unisex Wayfarer frame (the Nico), and an oversized feminine frame (the Veronica), Snapchatters with an eye for style can now take on their social media escapades through an all-the-more glamorous lens.

If you’re thinking about investing in some new frames or simply want to up your Snapchat game, the Spectacles 2 might just be for you. The potential for functionality is endless—and if you don’t believe me, here are some moments when the Spectacles might just come in handy more than you thought. 


1. Getting Catcalled on Your Way Home from Work 

Surreptitiously film that creep without even having to pull out your phone! With the Spectacles’ ability to save up to 150 videos or 3,000 photos, you’ll be able to thoroughly document and download before handing over that evidence to the police. 


2. Snapping a Crush 

We all know the dilemma: haven’t you ever wanted to send a quick pic of that cute guy/girl on the subway to your best friend without making yourself too obvious? The Spectacles 2 makes it the easiest it’s ever been—with a simple touch of a button on the side of the frame, you’ve got your sneaky shot poised and ready to send. It’s not technically illegal… right? Disclaimer:  the Spectacles do show a light when they are recording/taking a photo so just watch out, okay?


3. Vlogging 

Spectacles 2 might just be the tool that pushes the trend of vlogging to the next level. Whether you’re documenting the riveting happenings while picking up a salad at your local Sweetgreen or going on a juice cleanse with your friend, the new Spectacles will make vlogging just that much easier with it’s lightweight and compact internal specs. Bring your audience closer to you with videos shot directly from eye level, so they’ll feel just like they’re at the trendy salad spot with you. 

Check out the gallery below and decide whether you're a Nico or more of a Veronica.


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