Top tips: how to take street style photographs

Dubai-based photographer Aqib Anwar (@gibsterg) gives exclusive tips to L'Officiel Arabia readers on how to take the best street style photographs, armed with nothing other than your iPhone.
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  • Be alert, always scan the area you’re in. With street style, you need to be quick to capture the right shot. As soon as you spot someone wearing something incredible walking by from one show to another, you need to be ready.


  • Some clothes look better when they flow, some are better static. You need to understand this and decide whether to shoot the person static or while they are moving.


  • When approaching someone to take their photograph, always approach them head-on, never from behind. Have a friendly demeanour, smile and ask them for permission and then pull them aside to find a good background for your photos.


  • Pay attention to the light. Good lighting and shadows make beautiful shots.


  • When shooting, move around, find good angles.


  • Shooting head-on, (ie while standing) gives a good POV perspective shot.


  • Crouching and shooting from the ground up makes the subject look majestic and results in beautiful photos. Using the 0.5x angle on the iPhone 11 Pro works wonderfully well for this.


  • Don’t be shy to ask your subject to move, twirl or accentuate their garments for the photograph.


  • Zoom in 2x to capture details of the outfit.


  • Try to choose outstanding backgrounds and make use of the Ultra Wide Camera on iPhone 11 Pro, which allows you to capture up to four times more scene.


  • Try Portrait mode (only if you have time) and make sure the blur works well along with the light. Since a lot of street photography is quick, you are better off shooting on the normal mode most of the time.


  • Make sure your outfit is fashionable too, as a photographer if you can. It helps models/subjects trust your style and aesthetics.


  • Finally, have fun with it. No one likes posing for someone who’s not fun. Smile, have conversations and make your subjects feel at ease. 

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