Unprecedented manufacturing production from CH Carolina Herrera and Purificacion Garcia

Sociedad Textil Lonia (STL), Spain’s manufacturer of CH Carolina Herrera and Purificacion Garcia, adapts its tailoring manufacturing line to create sanitary materials in collaboration with healthcare systems to contribute to the fight against COVID-19.
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Spain | Sociedad Textil Lonia (STL) | Manufacturing medical materials in light of COVID-19 Outbreak

In support of the government and medical community’s efforts, STL has made a commitment to  lending resources to produce additional quantities of the sanitary material required in the fight against the Covid-19 virus. The production comes in compliance with the appropriate homologation regulations for effective and preventive use of these materials.

In close collaboration with the healthcare system and with the consultation of various institutions, the company has begun two production processes to produce sanitary material – specifically face masks and sanitary gowns -  that will help to alleviate the current shortage resulting from the coronavirus outbreak. 

Sanitary gowns are being produced in accordance with the established protocol, raw materials are collected from healthcare institutions and taken into STL’s facilities, where a specific pattern has been created and digitized. In then goes directly into to the cutting process followed by a specifically adapted tailoring production line.

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Once the manufacturing process is completed, the order is sent for sterilization, an essential process before being sent to health centers. The volume of production and the characteristics of the orders will be planned day by day, depending on the needs of the health services. 

In the a second line of activity, STL has also committed to the manufacture of masks to be used in the food industry, one of the sectors with a great recent demand and support during the crisis.  

Through this step, STL aims to play a responsible and required role to support the current situation, and fulfill a greater commitment to society, institutions and the industries in need.

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