Valentino Collezione Milano, Painter Advertising Campaign

The art world enters the Maison Valentino universe for the newest chapter of its Advertising Campaign.
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ARTIST Nahum Kim (Korea) | Roman Stud Space

Looking to its community, Pierpaolo Piccioli continues to convey the values of authenticity and individuality by creating, and not imposing, a conversation with diverse communication channels and artists. A new method of delivering messages where the viewer is enriched by feelings and beliefs. Pierpaolo Piccioli believes art is a lens through which one can really touch the nature of the mos t intimate feelings.

For the artists chapter of Valentino Collezione Milano, Maison Valentino has worked with five international painters, giving them complete freedom to create a work of their choosing, which includes a Valentino Garavani accessory from the collection.

Each of the painters is an emerging talent in their area and on the global art scene. Louise Giovanelli, from the UK, created a hyper realistic painting of the Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Top Handle, while Alexis Ralaivao, from France, painted a cropped-in portrait of the same bag in a striking pink hue. Chinese painter Zhang Zihao opted to paint two subjects wearing the Valentino Garavani Crochet sneakers, while Korean artist Nahum Kim envisioned a surreal and otherworldly work featuring the Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Top Handle. Finally, Iori Nagashima, from Japan, created a work using the Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Crochet bag on a subject under rainfall. In all, each work is a testament to the freedom, voice and creativity of each artist.

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ARTIST Alexis Ralaivao (France) | Image credit: Laurent Grivet | La Clef
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ARTIST Iori Nagashima (Japan) | Image credit: Naoto Kobayashi @naotokobayashii | 青い雨
1620803472741841 louise giovanelli cf052427 16 9
ARTIST Louise Giovanelli (UK) | Image credit: Michael Pollard, @michaelpollardphotography | Dominion
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ARTIST Nahum Kim (Korea) | Roman Stud Space
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ARTIST Zhang Zihao (China) | Image credit: Hogan | Untitled, 2021

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