Valentino Garavani Roman Stud 520

Maison Valentino sends a love message on May 20 with the Valentino Garavani exclusive Roman Stud 520 Capsule Collection. Our special way to whisper “I love you” stud after stud.
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The new Valentino Garavani Roman Stud top handle bag features a bold yet sophisticated evolution of the iconic stud, which is enlarged in a macro version, as if it were placed under a magnifying glass, relishing in the vast spectrum of love. Crafted in soft nappa leather, it perfectly conveys Valentino’s romantic punk attitude as well as the Maison’s craftmanship tradition and care for detail.

For this special capsule collection, the Roman Stud top handle bag presents a delightful peculiarity: each side counts a number of 5 studs, 20 studs in total, a symbolic celebration of 520 and love itself. The 520 experience is refined by a special card thought to collect the sweetest love messages for your beloved.

The Valentino 520 Campaign features Chinese Actress Guan Xiaotong in a unique 520 maze, in a quest for love. As she moves, full of wonder, through the intricate path, her steps lead her to discover different clues that culminate in a surprising love declaration.

The 520 collection comes in five colors: red, white, pink and niagara blue will be available at, Valentino Tmall Luxury Pavilion store, WeChat mini program and at Valentino boutiques while the black variation will be exclusively available on online platforms.


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