Versace 2020 Holiday Campaign

Get in, we’re going on an adventure.
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Inspired by the sentiment of returning home for the holidays, Versace presents a fabulous road trip for its 2020 festive campaign. Travel as we know it may be temporarily on hold, but that won’t stop members of the Versace world from hopping into a glamorous convertible and hitting the road.

Visiting home for holiday celebrations is one of the greatest joys of this time of year. This campaign captures the anticipation of reuniting with family, friends and loved ones - presenting scenic landscapes that highlight the many different journeys that will be taken this season. From wintry mountain escapes to tropical backdrops, the fashion film and accompanying imagery spotlights the uniqueness of our ways of celebrating. The journey home, which can be also be spiritual rather than physical, feels even more significant during these times of distance. At the center of the campaign is an appreciation of love and connection, with an optimism that together we can create a better world.

Our starry cast includes Irina Shayk, Adut Akech, Biaggio Ali Walsh and Louis Baines, as well as a selection of familiar Versace faces ready to celebrate this holiday season and embark on a fantasy trip home.


Irina Shayk


1604924822595194 versace holiday campaign 3
Image via Instagram / @Arnaud Lajeunie

Adut Akech

1604924941954148 versace holiday campaign 24
Image via Instagram / @Arnaud Lajeunie


1604924997477671 versace holiday campaign 25
Image via Instagram / @Arnaud Lajeunie

Biaggio Ali Walsh

1604925051385569 versace holiday campaign 4
Image via Instagram / @Arnaud Lajeunie

Louis Baines

1604925139477860 versace holiday campaign 18
Image via Instagram / @Arnaud Lajeunie

Mika Schneider

1604925200509584 versace holiday campaign 16
Image via Instagram / @Arnaud Lajeunie

Fien Kloos

1604925265402511 versace holiday campaign 10
Image via Instagram / @Arnaud Lajeunie

Evelina Lauren

1604926369833020 versace holiday campaign 7
Image via Instagram / @Arnaud Lajeunie

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