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A Princess Diana Musical is Coming to Netflix

Before its premiere on Broadway, the musical about the late princess will be available to stream.
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Have you ever imagined watching a Broadway show directly from your television? It's happened before—last year, Disney+ released the hit musical Hamilton on their service. Now, that same dream could come true for fans of British royalty as they follow the life of one of the most beloved names in history—Princess Diana. The new biographic musical Diana already has a release date on Netflix and will arrive on the platform before it even has its debut on stage.

The recorded version of the production will launch on the streaming platform on October 1. However, the musical will not make its live debut on Broadway until December 16.

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"The chance to share our show, first with the global Netflix audience, and then welcome the audience live on Broadway, is something we've all dreamed of for over a year," reveals a statement from the show's producers. "We couldn't be more excited to finally share the Broadway movie and musical with the world."

In the musical, the eponymous princess will be played by Jeanna de Waal, while Roe Hartrampf and Erin Davie will give life to Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles, respectively.

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