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Here's our top five scary shows and movies to watch this Halloween

Spooky season is upon us, which means that it’s time to hang up the fake spider webs, get on the flying brooms and unveil Viu’s top 5 most thrilling offerings. So stir-up your pumpkin spice latte and get streaming (or screaming).
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Binge on a spooky show with “Zodiac” this weekend

Looking for a spooky show to binge on during Halloween weekend? Kick back and enjoy 15 episodes of supernatural mystery as a group of university students find themselves the target of a curse that sets out to murder them one after the other. The cast includes, Asmaa Abulyazeed as Youmna, Mohamed Mahran as Sami, Khalid Anwar as Sherif, Mai El Gheity as Mariam, Hend Abdel Aleem as Laila, Mayan El Sayed as Salma, Ahmed Khalid Saleh as Ezzat and Engy Abouzeid as Ingy. Follow the students on their desperate quest to rescue themselves as they transport to the origin of this curse: Ancient Egypt.


Forget trick-or-treating and treat yourself to “Wardah” this Halloween  

Whether you’re watching alone or with a bunch of friends, Wardah is guaranteed to get you sitting at the edge of your seat. Featuring Ahmed Selim, Emad Ghoneim, Mahmoud Youssef, Abeer Mansour, Nada Al Alfy and Samira Al Maqroun; the supernatural thriller follows a girl who is subjected to demonic possession, which turns her life and the lives of people surrounding her to hell.

Get onboard a haunted ride as you watch “Paranormal Drive” 

The web of evil begins to sow from the introductory scene of the movie as the story of a haunted car begins to unfold. Screened at the 2016 Night of Horror Film Festival in Australia, Paranormal drive tells the ghostly story of a couple who purchased a haunted car but were too preoccupied with their marital problems to notice. The movie stars Pavel Chinarvoy, Sergey Safronov, Svelana Ustinova, Vitaliya Kornieko, Diana Melison, Kristina Shapovalova and Elizaveta Polyakova. Catch it on Viu and watch as Olga and Assadulin’s marriage and car go downhill. 

Ramp up the spooky spirit this Halloween with “Gehraiyan”

Loaded with suspense, twisted mystery and jump scares, Gehraiyan tells the story of a haunted dead body found a year too late. The body is taken to a hospital where it comes back to life alters the electricity, causing all lights in the hospital to explode. The cast of the show includes Vastal Sheth, Trishaan Singh and Sanjeeda Sheikh. 

Watch as ex-cops past comes back to haunt him in horror movie “Memories”

The catastrophic plot centres around an ex-cop who is forced to investigate a series of murders which are committed in the same pattern. His search leads to a serial killer, and something more gruesome than what he expected. Rohit Roy, Harsh Singh, Madan Joshi, Priyal Gor and Surleen Kaur are all featured in the 13 episode series.

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