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New Netflix Documentary Pays Tribute to Icon Sophia Loren

Actress Sophia Loren returns to Netflix in a documentary honoring her decades-long career.
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Sophia Loren is one of the biggest stars that the film industry has ever seen. Recently, she returned to active life at the age of 86 in the production of The Life Ahead on Netflix. Now the streaming platform is paying tribute to her icon status in a new documentary.

The documentary What Would Sophia Loren Do? follows Nancy “Vincenza” Kulik, an Italian-American grandmother who lives in New Jersey. Kulik has lived through several challenges throughout her life, but she was always able to remain cheerful and resilient, inspired, in part, by Loren's own life.

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Photo: Playback / Netflix

Directed by filmmaker Ross Kauffman, the project is a tribute to the actress who has been on the screen since 1950 (with no intention of retiring any time soon). The actress has always known how to value herself and present her seductive beauty in a fun way, making her one of most captivating actress of our time. The film is available now on Netflix.

Sophia Loren
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