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Spooky True Crime Mysteries to Get You into the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate all things scary, spooky, and mysterious than binge-watching spine-chilling real-life mysteries?
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Turn off those lights, curl up under the blanket, and grab a pumpkin-spiced treat, because Investigation Discovery is delivering the ultimate show line-up to get you into the Halloween spirit and take over your Halloween what-to-watch queue.

1603349835357457 living a nightmare s01 16x9 title1603349835313357 living a nightmare s01 16x9
1603349835272186 living a nightmare1603349835406254 living a nightmare s01 ep01 16x9

Living A Nightmare 

Imagine facing a situation so tragic that one convinces themselves they must be adrift in a nightmare. However, the realization soon comes crashing down that this is no dream - it's murder.
This compelling series tells the stories of real people who face the surreal horror of losing loved ones to vicious crimes. It paralyzes their lives and launches them on an emotional journey where only the passage of days and the arrest of a suspect will help diminish their pain.
Airing Mondays at 23:00pm (KSA)

1603349646509462 evil lives here s03 3x4 title1603349646463248 evil lives here s02 16x9
1603349646553777 evil lives here s04 ep01 16x91603349646613273 evilliveshere s005 ep014

Evil Lives Here 

If the person closest to you were a devil in disguise, would you see the signs? This provocative series tells the gripping stories of ordinary people connected to a killer. In each case, they see suspicious signs that something is amiss. Some turn a blind eye to these signs, washing away blood and not wanting to know where it came from. But sometimes, they choose to dig deeper, and must eventually face the horrible truth: that the person they loved and trusted is a monster. How will they react? Will they betray their loved one by turning to police, will they help them cover up their crimes, or will they become entangled in the evil doings? 
Airing Tuesdays at 22:00pm (KSA)

1603349770900806 nightmare next door s05 16x9 title1603349770963203 nightmare next door s06 16x9

Nightmare Next Door

Nightmare Next Door tells the tales of mysterious murders that rocked small-town America. Each hour brings you a new murder mystery and a new look into the evil that can lurk in the heart and soul of a tight-knit community. Interviews with investigators, prosecutors, family members and neighbors piece together the twisting tale of a classic whodunit.
Airing Thursdays at 18:00 PM (KSA)

All these shows and more are now airing on Investigations Discovery (OSN Channel 505).

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