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The Oscars change their rules for 2021

The academy has announced some changes.
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As the COVID-19 crisis continues to plague the entertainment industry, one of Hollywood's most established institutions has begun to adapt. When the Oscars arrive in 2021, things will be slightly different from previous editions of the Academy. Here's what we know so far about the upcoming changes.



Films will not need to be shown in the cinema.

Previously, the Oscars required that all films that sought to win a trophy must be in theaters. Specifically, to be screened in a Los Angeles County commercial cinema for at least seven consecutive days for a valid qualification, a period during which screenings must take place at least three times a day, according to the Academy's website.

At the 93rd Academy Awards, films that previously had theatrical release but which will also be available on a commercial streaming service may be eligible. Note that this exemption will end as soon as the cinemas are reopened to the public.



No one needs to understand the difference between mixing and sound editing anymore. The Sound Mixing and Sound Editing categories will be grouped into one, which will recognize "the best sound production that emphasizes the efforts of the team" .

The International Feature Film category is also changing: members of the Academy will now be able to vote during a preliminary round. Interested parties must participate and comply with a "minimum viewing requirement".









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