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Italian designer Giuseppe Santoni joins the fight against Coronavirus

The founder and CEO of Santoni shoes is helping combat COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus) in the Italian region of Marche, and beyond.
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As countries around the world battle to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, Guiseppe Santoni, the founder and CEO of the eponymous luxury shoe label has joined the fight to contain the virus. 

The designer’s home country of Italy is currently one of the worst affected by the illness on the planet, and currently under lockdown. Meanwhile, other countries are battling to contain the virus to avoid suffering a similar fate. 

Experts are currently focused on preventing and halting the virus’ spread, which is so far reported as being the most effective containment method, with a focus on social distancing, regular handwashing and avoiding all but essential communal and travel activities. 

In response to the crisis, Santoni has set up a Go Fund Me campaign with the hashtag #NoiSiamoLeMarche, which translates as “we are Le Marche”. 

“Marche is the region in Italy I belong to, the region where my family, my company, my people are grounded. It is a beautiful place, that is currently suffering due to Coronavirus. Now, I want to give to this region that has always given so much to me,” the designer explains. 

The designer donated a generous amount to the campaign before encouraging others to do the same, with the goal of raising 500,000 euros to help buy essential lung equipment to help those suffering from the illness. 

The entrepreneur continues:” #NoiSiamoLeMarche, therefore as a choral call and message of unity, strength and hope in favour of Marche, the only Italian region in the plural, where the I becomes us.”

For more information about Santoni’s campaign, visit

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