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Technogym Bench - All in One

The innovative all-inclusive functional training solution offers infinite training opportunities in just one station.
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When it comes to choose the right home fitness product, exercise variety and space represents key elements.

Technogym Bench - the new functional training station - has been designed to combine maximum exercise variety with minimum footprint by enabling you to perform the largest range of exercises in a very limited space, thanks to its innovative design and enclosed tools.

All the tools you need are rationally stored in dedicated spaces within the training station. Exercise options include the possibility to combine weights, elastic bands, dumbbells, weighted knuckles, and a training mat to empower you to perform endless total body workouts.

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In detail, Technogym Bench include:

  • 5 pairs of hexagonal dumbbells are included in the practical holder that is designed to avoid finger pinching and cutting.
  • 3 weighted knukles in different shapes and weights for core training
  • The three different resistance bands and attachments add exercise variety. Their storage keeps them from getting tangled
  • The training mat provides maximum comfort and stability during exercises.

The new Technogym Bench includes access to a vast library of 20 to 30 minutes video workouts for strength, resistance and core training to guide you in discovering the infinite exercise opportunities of the station.

Technogym Bench is also easy to move thanks to the integrated wheels. Thanks to its versatility, compact footprint it represents an ideal solution also for hotels and fitness clubs, both within functional training floor and classes studios (i.e bootcamp classes).

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