MasterChef Dubai wins with its festive dishes

‘Tis the season to eat delicious food, and you can’t go wrong with MasterChef Dubai’s festive menu.
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The restaurant known as MasterChef the TV Experience (aka MasterChef Dubai) is one of the first restaurants in the world which has come about as the result of an eponymous TV series. For those unfamiliar with the show, everyday people (with exceptional skill in the kitchen) compete for the title of MasterChef which usually comes with a lucrative contract and monetary prize. The Dubai-based restaurant showcases previous winners’ dishes from across the globe on their menu. The twist for the festive menu? All of the dishes are instead the brainchild of resident head chef Margarita Vaamonde. 

The risk pays off too - rather than celebrating amateur chefs who did well on the show, the festive menu is an ode to the masterful work and long career of Vaamonde. The menu is a mix of slightly more traditional seasonal dishes as well as dishes which champion festive flavours. Indeed, the menu strikes a personal note too, Vaamonde explains that she curated the menu based on the tastes that she associates with Christmas. 

Standout dishes on the menu include a succulent blood orange and seared tuna salad starter, a nostalgic turkey breast ballotine main, and the seared scallops of mushrooms main (which played with warm delicious winter flavours) and desserts including an apple tartin with cinnamon ginger cookie and granny smith apples, and a sticky date lava cake served with ice cream.

Dishes are built to be savoured on the festive menu and enjoyed over conversation and drinks - helped along with the two-hour drinks package tied to the menu, with soft, house and premium options. 

We couldn’t think of a better way to spend the festive season in the desert.

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