Cartier Announces the Panthère Tribe in the Middle East

The classic Cartier symbol is back, reimagined for 2020. Take a look below at the first images of the incredible collection, along with what Cartier had to say about the launch.
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Officiel announcement from Cartier: 

"The Panthère is an icon. An object of desire and fascination, everything about her exudes power, freedom and defiance.

Sleek and untamed, she is indomitable, charged with a magnetism that reveals a personal strength of character.

Panthers know their own kind; it is a tribe united by instinct and independence.

The Panthère has been a creative signature for Cartier since her first sighting, spot motifs on a watch in 1914. She graduated from the abstract to a figurative representation three years later when depicted flanked by cypress trees on a nécessaire gifted by Louis Cartier to Jeanne Toussaint in 1917.

Inspiring jewellery, watches, fragrances and accessories, she has been reinvented over time in naturalist, sculptural and graphic interpretations.

The challenge is always to give her life and movement, which calls for inventive design and skilled craftsmanship. This active dialogue is key to her eternal creative vitality.

Power: the Panthère conquers all. With a might that was mesmerizing from the outset, she spoke for a generation of captivating personalities who identified with her – both male and female.

She revealed the singular character of the Duchess of Windsor, María Félix, Juliette Greco, Barbara Hutton and many more.

Yasmine Sabri, Mariacarla Boscono, Ella Balinsksa, Annabelle Wallis, Chang Chen and Karen Mok are amongst her modern-day devotees.

These fearless personalities, unafraid to break the rules, are drawn to the most dangerous creature in the Cartier menagerie for her powers of seduction and desire for power."


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