Charmed Life: Dior Unfurls Its Rose Des Vents Line With Precious New Interpretations

A fine jewellery take on the founding couturier’s good luck charms, the series is now enriched by bib necklaces, chokers, cuff bracelets, sautoirs, open rings, and more in gold and gemstones
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Christian Dior was just 14 years old when he learned what the future held in store for him. A palm reader told him that he would achieve success and amass a great fortune — through women. Monsieur Dior would put his trust in signs of fate for the rest of his life, regularly consulting his clairvoyant Madame Delahaye, and always keeping a cluster of good luck charms in his pocket. His superstitious nature has left a lasting imprint on his eponymous house, not least in the realm of bijoux, as is manifest in Dior’s Rose des Vents collection.

Introduced in 2015, the fine jewellery line gives prominence to an eight-pronged star motif, set on a talisman-like disc, and surrounded by an aureate halo. Uniting the couturier’s favourite integer (eight), flower (rose), and symbol (star), the timeless design also references Christian Dior’s childhood home in Granville, named after the points of the maritime wind rose, or “rose des vents” in French. This year, the series continues to unfurl with several new additions that juxtapose the central emblem with the vivid colours of precious stones and the radiance of gold.

Standout pieces include a jaw-dropping four-strand bib necklace in emerald, malachite, diamond, mother-of-pearl, and yellow gold — which can be coordinated with a matching cuff should that catch your fancy — as well as a splendid multi-coloured choker in lapis lazuli, onyx, turquoise, tiger’s eye, cornelian, pink opal and more, punctuated by diamonds in a twisted rice grain setting.


Ascend closer to the empyrean with a constellation of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that brings together the Rose des Vents star and the heavenly bodies of Rose Céleste, wherein exquisite mother-of-pearl, onyx, and yellow gold medallions showcase a smiling sun on one side and a sleeping crescent moon on the other. Each design can be worn reversibly for a touch of mystery.


The refreshed collection is also enriched by sautoir-style necklaces and delicate bracelets, featuring a double heart charm of yellow gold, diamond, and vibrant red lacquer or iridescent mother-of-pearl, which turns on its chain to switch between sides.


Swipe the gallery below for a closer look at the collection:



Dior's Rose des Vents collection is available starting today. Find out more at

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