Damas Celebrates Hope This Eid, With #TOGETHERWESTAND Campaign

This Eid, Damas will be launching an exclusive tribute collection called ‘Hope’ as part of their new #TogetherWeStand campaign, which carries an empowering message about the importance and positive impact of standing united in the midst of the hardship and uncertainty of 2020.
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In support of this journey of giving back, Jessica Kahawaty, a passionate and strong humanitarian with over 1 million followers, is joining Damas to launch the new ‘Hope’ collection and donation initiative while spreading messages of unity, kindness and compassion.

‘Hope’ by Damas is an exclusive collection which celebrates 3 important words; ‘Hope’, ‘Love’ and ‘Grow’, all of which carry significantly more power as it has become essential to ‘Hope’ together, ‘Love’ together and ‘Grow’ together as means of creating a united front to persevere through adversity and impact change. The collection is made up of 10 unique 18k gold designs which are embellished with a variety of freshwater pearls.

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To support the significant efforts being made towards a greater future, Damas will be donating 10% of all online sales of the ‘Hope’ collection in UAE to Al Jalila Foundation. This donation
initiative will directly aid the charities objective to help facilitate advances in medical research, education and treatment, which is particularly important during these difficult times. In the spirit of standing together and standing stronger.


“For many years, Damas has been committed to investing in the wellbeing and growth of the community and we continue to be dedicated to giving back and offering support to those in need around us. As part of this journey, we are proud to have created an exclusive Damas tribute collection called ‘Hope’ as a message of solidarity and as a way of celebrating the strength and beauty of standing united to impact change, while spreading hope and love during these exceptional times”.

- Luc Perramond, Chairman and CEO of Damas


“Damas has been a long term partner of Al Jalila Foundation and we are delighted to be the charity beneficiary for the Hope collection with donations supporting our medical research and healthcare programs. Hope is a theme very close to our hearts and now, more than ever, hope is the thread that connects us all as we navigate these extraordinary times of COVID-19. We are grateful to our partners who continue to support our charitable programs and I am positive that the ‘new normal’ is filled with opportunity, optimism and hope for a brighter tomorrow.”

- Dr Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation

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