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L’Officiel Arabia meets Romy Blanga and Chiara Capitani
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EÈRA Jewelry AW20 collection

EÉRA is a jewelry brand founded by Romy Blanga and Chiara Capitani – two creatives who grew up on the ultra-glamorous Milan fashion scene and learned their craft surrounded by young, emerging talents. Before launching EÈRA, Chiara was a design consultant for a variety of fashion houses, specializing in bringing creative projects to life, while Romy worked for a number of fashion houses in PR and brand communications before moving forward into the role of brand manager. Their experience and combined knowledge cover the design, styling and business awareness needed to thrive in today’s industry.

Romy Blanga and Chiara Capitani, Jewelry Designers

EÉRA was born out of the mutual desire to create jewelry that is as impactful as ready-to-wear and that maintains the same level of craftsmanship and refined attention to detail. “We met in Milan about seven years ago and bonded immediately. Over the years, we collaborated on different projects and discovered our mutual love of jewelry. We found that our different tastes and creative visions complemented each other well. During a trip to Japan, we came across the snap hook at a market, which led to the creation of EÈRA’s first collection, launched in 2019”, Romy and Chiara told me.

Although the designers draw on current trends, each piece tells its unique story, adding character to the outfit no matter the season: “We decided to create jewelry because not only it is like clothing which is a reflection of personal style, but it is also something precious that can be passed down through the generations.”

The modern heirlooms reflect tastes from both the past and present, combining traditional Italian know-how with a contemporary design aesthetic. Each sculptural piece represents the strength of today’s women and is meticulously made using nothing but precious metals and stones. EÈRA includes a unique collection of earrings which can be worn together or separately. Each one can be pieced together to form both long and short styles depending on your mood. The same concept is present throughout the entire collection. Styles differ through shapes but are still completely stackable whether it is a bracelet, necklace or ring. Variations include: Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Full pavé and a variety of fluorescent colors.

I met the cool girls, Romy and Chiara, during Paris Fashion Week in February this year. They were presenting EÈRA AW20 collection at the Bristol hotel in Paris.

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EÈRA Jewelry AW20 collection

Tanja Beljanski: How much does the Italian jewelry-making heritage mean to you personally and professionally?

Romy & Chiara: It means a lot to us! Being from Milan, Italy, we come from a place that’s always played a very important role in jewelry design. We also grew up surrounded by fashion, which influences our work. Italy has some of the best jewelry makers and is known for its craftsmanship. This is ideal for us because we can produce our collections really close by, visit our factories often and focus on the production.

TB: Do you find the inspiration more in the past or in the present?

R&C: We always look to the past for inspiration and love doing physical research in vintage stores. We draw inspiration from jewelry, art and fashion shows spanning all different eras.

TB: Did you divide your work or you do everything together?

R&C: The design ideas come from both of us. When something inspires us, we immediately try to create a physical representation of it and see whether we can create something that we would want to wear long term. It is a very visual process and if we are able to design something that captures our personal style we make a prototype. Throughout the years, we have developed strengths in a variety of fields, which blend seamlessly and aid our creative process.

TB: What motivates you the most?

R&C: Our passion motivates us the most. We really believe in what we’re doing and have had such a great response from the beginning that we feel our customers do, too. It encourages us to keep going and working on our designs.

TB: Tell us some inspiring stories behind your designs.

R&C: We came across a vintage snap hook in a market in Tokyo, Japan, and started thinking about all the different ways in which you could personalize jewelry if it worked in a similar way. We experimented with the utilitarian shape and our first collection evolved from there. In terms of the neon colors, we started thinking about how, when used in sporting activities, snap hooks are often brightly colored and it would be interesting and unconventional to try to incorporate this into fine jewelry. We played around with different textures and really loved how the neon contrasted the gold and diamonds – the pieces have such visual impact!

TB: What is your favorite jewelry trend?

R&C: We love working with bright colors and mixing different materials together, as well as creating new modern pieces like ear cuffs and chokers. What we love about fine jewelry now is that it’s no longer confined to traditional parameters – it feels more fashionable but is still so expertly made.

TB: Future for EÈRA?

R&C: EÈRA is so much more than a jewelry brand – it’s a way to express yourself. We’re working on so many more special pieces, so there are many collections to come. Watch this space!

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EÈRA Jewelry AW20 collection


* This interview by Tanja Beljanski first appeared in the April 2020 issue of L'Officiel Arabia.

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