Girl With A Pearl Necklace

The Teddy-D necklace from Dior is the perfect mix of refinery and rebellion
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“There is no other country in the world, besides my own, whose way of life I like so much,” said Christian Dior of England. A self-confessed Anglophile, Dior fell in love with the country after a sojourn there as a young adult. Almost a century after his first visit, Maria Grazia Chiuri pays tribute 1950s England for Fall/Winter 2019. The collection draws inspiration from the Teddy Girls, a British youth subculture that used clothes to shake up the status quo, as well as Princess Margaret, the original ‘party princess’ who had a long-standing relationship with the couturier.

This blend of refinery and rebellion is expressed in the season’s statement jewellery piece – the Teddy-D necklace. Hand-strung pearls are embellished with black or rainbow rhinestones in the shape of stars and clovers, symbols favoured by Dior himself. A bold update of the classic pearl necklace, the Teddy-D recalls the radical attitudes of the Teddy Girls, who were known for putting a spin on Edwardian dandy fashion. It also alludes to the elegance of Princess Margaret, who famously wore a Dior gown for her 21st birthday, accessorised by strings of pearls (naturally).

Check out the necklace below:  

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