Gucci unveils its first-ever high jewellery collection in Paris

This debut high jewellery collection, Hortus Deliciarum, will be housed in the new Gucci boutique in Place Vendôme, Paris.
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From ready-to-wear and fashion timepieces to fragrance and makeup, Gucci has moved on to venture into finer sections of luxury as it unveils its first-ever high jewellery collection, titled "Hortus Deliciarum", designed by creative director Alessandro Michele.

Named after the medieval illustrated encyclopedia, Hortus Deliciarum captures the now-signature eclectic, poetic and mythical codes of Gucci with more than 200 pieces under three different divine themes.


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The first theme is an ode to eternal love, where clear, vivid gemstones are employed to portray the lovely romance; while the second chapter tells a tale of the animal kingdom, bringing the spirit of nature to life with ornate diamond settings; and finally, the third mirrors Alessandro Michele's lyrical and eclectic interpretation of florals with a parade of divine solitaires.

Swipe the gallery to take a look at Gucci high jewellery collection Hortus Deliciarum:


Together with the debut Hortus Deliciarum, Gucci has also unveiled a new flagship boutique at Place Vendôme, Paris, and unlike every other Gucci boutique, the verdeacqua-themed interior evokes a noble, muted tone for the sophisticated space which is now dedicated to the Italian house's high jewellery collection.


Scroll down to give a peek inside the new boutique in Paris:

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