Jack de Boucheron: New Forms of Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry has the power to emphasize and represent you both on a daily basis and on special occasions. It is the kind of accessories that you are going to keep forever. This season Jack de Boucheron has opened a new chapter in Maison’s history to create pieces that you won't take off.
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Jewelry is something that becomes a big part of our personalities. This is why you might feel weird when you are leaving the house without your favorite rings or bracelets. With time, they are turning into talismans and simple little things that make a life prettier. And to be pretty, jewelry doesn't have to scream or be something extra. Somehow the easiest designs are receiving more attention and looking more sophisticated. 

Infinitely free and wildly playful - were the main inspirations of Maison Boucheron this season. Created by Frédéric Boucheron in 1858, Boucheron is built through four generations and continues to make a classic of tomorrow.

With so many ways to wear it, it pushed the boundaries, mischievously adapting itself to the look and imagination of every woman. Flexible jewelry that will work just as good on one finger as on ten. This opportunity gives the woman who wears it the ultimate scope of choice. She is free to pick the combination that best suits her mood and her outfit. The jewellery game is ready to be taken to the next level and become a second skin to those who wear it. 

An ultimate goal that Maison Boucheron successfully achieved in the last collection. A necklace or a bracelet coiled like a gold wire, the clasp turned into a brooch or earring - new pieces are made to be everything at once. They can be combined, connected, stacked and transformed. With Jack de Boucheron, anything is possible, starting with the freedom to wear it any way you want. 

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Photos: Boucheron 

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