Jacquie Aiche Launches Earth Energy

Infused with inspiration from Mother Nature
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Rooted in admiration for precious gemstones and their power to heal, A-list jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche has launched its Earth Energy Collection, just in time for the fall season. Designed and handcrafted in Aiche's Los Angeles studio, the collection is shaped by Aiche's founding philosophy of "spreading positive energy, every day", infused with inspiration from nature.

Working directly with those extracting the gemstones from the earth, every precious stone is hand-selected, and honors what ‘mother nature’ has uniquely delivered. The handcrafted pieces are adorned in 14-carat gold, rose gold or silver, and studded with diamonds and precious gemstones such as Malachite, Chrysoprase, Morganite, and Opal.

Crediting the brand's distinct style to the unique tapestry of Aiche's blended cultural background, Aiche says she channels her Middle Eastern and Native American roots through the sacred aesthetic of her full range of pieces, "My Native American heritage pulls me towards turquoise, fossils and precious gemstones, while my Middle Eastern roots influence the use of regional nuances such as hammered gold and the evil eye".


Aiche launched the brand over a decade ago after a lifelong fascination with the healing power of stones, fuelled also by personal frustrations toward the limited styles of fine jewellery available on the market at that time. Through the Earth Energy collection, Aiche continues to translate creative expression through stones and cement her reputation as an internationally acclaimed fine jewellery label adorned by celebrities and VIPs alike.


The jewellery can be bought online at and in over 40 prestigious retailers across the world.

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