Kate Moss Talks Diamonds and Collaborating with Valérie Messika on New Jewelry Collection

Style icon Kate Moss and founder Valérie Messika team up for a high jewelry collection for Parisian luxury jeweler Messika.
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Supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss pivots to accessories in her new collaboration with Messika for a line of diamond jewelry that will be at the top of your wish list this holiday season. With statement pieces that combine pear, triangle, and brilliant-cut diamonds, the necklaces, rings, and earrings truly shine. Here, Moss speaks with L'OFFICIEL about designing the collection, translating her bohemian style through diamonds, and what she looks for when shopping for high jewelry.

L'OFFICIEL: Valérie Messika is someone who has pioneered and changed the diamond industry since entering the market. Is this one of the reasons why you wanted to work with her? 

Kate Moss: Yes, she’s really talented, young, and cool. She gets it! Young women want to wear diamonds with a modern twist. 


L'O: Describe what the design process was like with Messika? 

KM: We initially met in Paris and got on very well! After discussing our joint love of jewelry, we decided to work on a collection together. I brought my jewelry box to our first design meeting, so she could see pieces that I love and get an understanding of my bohemian taste. Valérie did a great job interpreting my taste in Messika’s aesthetic world. 

L'O: What was the biggest challenge in creating this collection? 

KM: Taking inspiration from my vintage pieces and making them work in a modern environment.

L'O: What is the perfect occasion to wear those pieces? 

KM: I choose my jewellery to suit my mood and the occasion, so it’s always changing.

L'O: Do you have a favorite part about this collaboration? 

KM: Seeing my creative vision coming to life. It was amazing to see how perfectly my designs were translated into reality!

L'O: You are an icon to generations of women. What lessons have you learned from working in the creative industry? 

KM: Trust your instincts. 



L'O: How do you choose which brands do you want to work with within the long term? 

KM: When working with a brand it is really important for me to find people I like and with whom I share a common aesthetic.

L'O: How would you describe the collection in three words? 

KM: Bohemian, timeless, eclectic. 

L'O: What is an important characteristic of a high jewelry piece? 

KM: The quality and origin of the stones are very important. I know that, thanks to Valérie's proven diamond expertise, Messika carefully selects each diamond according to its natural beauty. The maison has signed the Kimberley Process confirming that all diamonds are cut by legitimate sources based on written guarantees from its suppliers. Comfort is also very important to me. I need to feel free. In all of her designs, Valeŕie aims to create a sense of volume, movement, and sensual fluidity. For both of us, ergonomic comfort is key. 

L'O: What is the piece of high jewelry you hold on to the most? 

KM: Lots of my pieces have sentimental value, so I can’t choose one particular piece.

L'O: What is your most memorable jewelry moment? 

KM: I think those pieces that were given to me for important events in my life or that I gifted myself, for example, when I gave birth to my daughter



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