L'Officiel presents Clash de Cartier with Maeva Marshall

For a new-age Parisian and Francophiles alike who love defying protocol, Cartier presents Clash de Cartier: a jewel with two faces as precious as it is impertinent.
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[Left] Shirt, Azzedine Alaïa; “Clash” earring, bracelet and ring in yellow gold with coral, Cartier. [Right] Dress, Azzedine Alaïa, “Clash” earrings in pink gold with diamonds, “Clash” ring in pink gold, Cartier.

May is truly the month of Cartier as we saw plenty of exciting new milestones for the jewellery maker, like the recent Cartier Women's Initiative Award in San Francisco and more importantly, the extravagant party in Paris to launch the new Clash de Cartier. 

A new icon to the band of signature jewellery collections within the Cartier family, Clash de Cartier joins the likes of Juste Un Clou, Love, Panthere and more to wow the world with its unique aesthetics that bring the idea of duality to the forefront.

And in celebration of the arrival of a new icon, L'Officiel joined hands with Cartier to kickstart a global project to feature the Clash de Cartier collection in an exclusive spread with rising model Maeva Marshall, who is known for her stunning freckled beauty and amazing persona on the runway.

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Shirt and skirt, Azzedine Alaïa; “Clash” earrings, necklace and rings in pink gold with diamonds, Cartier.

Read on to discover more about Maeva Marshall and Clash de Cartier:

Famed as the freckled beauty since her debut, Maeva Marshall made her mark first at New York Fashion Week on Zadig & Voltaire's runway show in 2017.

Turning heads at a time, when there are little to no models who would dare to walk down the runway without a face full of makeup, Maeva was the talk of the town. Standing out with a unique sense of self and elegance that brings an edge to the game, Maeva is similar to the idea Clash de Cartier – a collection that is made to break the rules.

Celebrating the idea of opposition, Cartier reinterprets its heritage of studs, beads and clous carrés in an unconventional fashion and gave birth to a new icon.

1558333540462814 img 0755
Embroidered cotton dress, Azzedine Alaïa; “Clash” earring, bracelet and ring in yellow gold with coral, Cartier.
1558333540784252 img 9528
Silk top, Chloé; “Clash” earring, bracelet and ring in yellow gold with coral, Cartier.

Starred the runways and campaign of Jacquemus, Kenzo, and Yohji Yamamoto, the Paris-based model is one of the coveted faces of the moment and she does it with plenty of gusto.

Never made to cover her freckles for her campaign and runway appearances, Maeva is celebrated for her unique persona – a model who showcases sensuality and seductiveness on camera but is also known to be quite the tomboy off camera.

Back to the collection, the Clash de Cartier collection comes in various silhouettes including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings – all of which are given various finishing.

From the most minimal range of pink gold pieces to others dressed with diamonds and the rest in yellow gold with bright red studs, the collection can take you from day to night, edgy to elegant and cool to poised with a snap of the finger.

1558333541084509 img 9991
Dress and belt, Azzedine Alaïa. “Clash” earrings in pink gold with diamonds, “Clash” bracelets in pink gold, Cartier
1558333541386774 img 9415
Silk top, skirt, cotton belt and mules, Chloé. “Clash” earring and bracelet in yellow gold with coral, Cartier.

Also, check out our special fashion film below featuring Clash de Cartier on Maeva Marshall:

L'Officiel TV: Clash de Cartier feat. Maeva Marshall

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Photography: Guen Fiore
Styling: Vanessa Bellugeon
Makeup: Louise Garnier
Hairstyling: Shuhei Nishimura
Photography Assistant: Francesco Zinno
Styling Assistant: Gabriela Cambero
Model: Maeve Marshall // OUI

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