Messika launches new necklace exclusively in the Middle East

Messika is back with a charming new collection…
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The new Messika “Lucky Move” collection features a kaleidoscope of colours and is the first in the brand’s history to focus on coloured stones rather than diamonds.

Better yet, fans in the Middle East are being treated to an exclusive piece, only available in the region: the Malachite Necklace, in a fetching shade of emerald green. 

 Valérie Messika told L’Officiel Arabia about the new collection: “‘I have replaced the gold with an ornamental stone, but it is not faceted like a diamond. It’s a first, but for this decidedly playful collection designed to bring good luck, adding colour seemed like an obvious choice,’ she says, ‘each shade is based on my favourite colours and the energy they give off.”

The new collection includes nine different colours, which according to the house “supports nine mantras embracing different facets of the Messika woman’s personality.”

“Messika has chosen to give pride of place to semi-precious and organic stones throughout this collection. The talisman now comes in nine different colour variations including, onyx, lapis lazuli, malachite, pink, white, grey mother-of-pearl, turquoise, carnelian and ziricote,” continued Messika. 

The new collection is avaliable from official suppliers across the region. Check out the incredible collection in the gallery below.


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