Messika's Lucky Move Colours: Black Like Onyx

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Black like Onyx: The colourr for daring women who are defiant and not faint-hearted

Both strong and feminine, these women are not afraid to make their voices heard. With intense black, this stone is a symbol of strength. The stone reflects the strong character of those adopting this mantra.

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Messika - Onyx

This bold move of Lucky Move Colours was a creative challenge for Valérie Messika, the daughter of a diamond dealer, who has always stayed true to her gem of choice. 


‘I have replaced the gold with an ornamental stone, but it is not faceted like a diamond. It’s a first, but for this decidedly playful collection designed to bring good luck, adding color seemed like an obvious choice,’ she says, ‘each shade is based on my favourite colors and the energy they give off.’

The Lucky Move Colours collection comes in 9 colors with 9 supporting mantras to embrace a different facets of the Messika woman’s personality.

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