Pomellato: Earth Made, Milan Design - Denim Lapis Lazuli Collection

To mark Earth Day 2020, on the 22nd of April, Pomellato presented the Denim Lapis Lazuli Capsule Collection made entirely with sustainable materials responsibly sourced from around the world.
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Denim Lapis Lazuli Pomellato Capsule Collection | Image: Courtesy of Pomellato

On this key day of environmental awareness, the Milan-based jeweller reveals a ring, bracelet and earrings with a beautiful story to tell. Lapis lazuli from Chile evokes the relaxed elegance and universal appeal of blue denim, paired with deep red Tanzanian rubies and the warm sheen of expertly crafted Fairmined rose gold from Colombia. Pomellato continues its journey in the use of sustainably sourced, socially responsible materials that celebrate the rich diversity of minerals in exciting and luxurious designs in the house’s iconic, bold style.

The project began with an idea that came from the 2018 Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion at the London College of Fashion. Chilean student María Teresa Flores, who won first prize, suggested creating jewels using sustainably sourced lapis lazuli from her native Chile. Intrigued by the idea, Pomellato investigated further and discovered the Las Flores de los Andes company, which is the source of the lapis lazuli. The stone is sustainably extracted from the company’s high-altitude, artisanal mine, the only one of its kind in the South American country. The lapis lazuli has been meticulously selected by Pomellato’s experienced gem-buying team for its high percentage of lazurite, which infuses the opaque stone with the desirable deep blue colour and texture so reminiscent of a pair of well-loved jeans.

The lapis lazuli has been softly faceted in the characteristic style of the Ritratto Collection, revealing the intriguing natural beauty of the stone. Two stylised claws set with sustainably sourced Tanzanian rubies seductively curl around the corners of the lapis lazuli as if in a gentle caress.

Each jewel is crafted from Fairmined rose gold from certified mines in Colombia. The Fairmined label guarantees that the precious metal comes from artisanal, traceable mines that maintain safe working conditions, are free from child labour and ensure strict environmental management is in place. As clear proof of its origin, each jewel is stamped with the Fairmined trademark and is presented with a Fairmined ‘passport of origin’ guaranteeing full traceability from mine to final finished jewel. The house’s renowned goldsmithing skills add to the allure of this gold with a noble heart.

Each and every jewel is entirely crafted in-house, from melting the gold to final polishing, safeguarding both Pomellato’s artisanal heritage and the origin of each component. The jewels are a limited edition, made to order and only available from the Pomellato website.

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