Pomellato SABBIA Collection 2019: Circle vs Rectangle

Shimmering with moonlight inspiration, Pomellato unveils precious new SABBIA jewels and an all new rectangular shape.
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Sabbia rings collection by Pomellato

Tactile, playful, yet elegant, SABBIA’s pavé gem designs demonstrate the jewel-setting prowess of Pomellato artisans. In 2019, Pomellato plays with geometric contours in a new rectangular shape, to square up or to mix-and-match with SABBIA’s iconic circle. In two new sizes, SABBIA’s rectangle rings example Pomellato brilliance in a classic new geometry.

With its soft-edge design, the new Pomellato rectangle forms an imperfect square – a designer twist on the standard figure. Pomellato’s new rings are shaped into small or large-sized rectangles, in rose-gold with monochrome palettes of white, brown or black diamond pavé.

"Shapes must be simple geometries. Shapes must be primordial. Shapes must be ancestral. They have to evoke a natural feeling... Spontaneous and pure." - Vincenzo Castaldo, Pomellato Creative Director

1588598268000462 sabbia earrings in rose gold with diamonds pomellato
Pomellato SABBIA earrings in rose gold with diamonds

For a more precious occasion, SABBIA’s signature irregular pavé design is also set into a masterful dégradé diamond cocktail ring, in the new shape, capturing the sparkling reflections evoked by sand under the moonlight. To pair with the ring, a new necklace dangles from the neck celebrating both of SABBIA’s circle and rectangle designs. Pomellato’s new chandelier earrings sway with sensual circles, as they reflect the unique gem-setting technique that defines the Milanese jeweler.

Since its creation, the SABBIA collection captures Pomellato’s desire to play with shimmering jewel reflections and the most essential of shapes. Glimmering with the artistry of nature, like precious sands blowing in the breeze, SABBIA is sophisticated, organic and refined. Each variously-sized pavé gem is irregularly yet very deliberately set, to capture the movement of light from every angle.

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