Ring with 12,638 Diamonds Breaks Guinness World Record

The jeweler insists that the 38.08 carat piece is actually "very comfortable."
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Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records.


Diamond pieces are always impressive, and Renani Jewels, a jeweler based in Meerut, India, has just broken the world record for the highest number of stones on a single ring, according to Guinness World Records.

Named the Ring of Prosperity due to its carnation shape (the flower is the symbol of prosperity in Indian culture) it is set with 12,638 individual diamonds, being well ahead of the ring that held the previous record with 7,801 stones.

Renani Jewels founder Harshit Bansal has wanted to break that particular record since he began studying jewelry design in Surat, India. Three years later in November 2020, he achieved his goal.

In total, the ring is adorned with 38.08 carats of conflict-free diamonds and weighs almost 165 grams, or 5.8 ounces. Though huge, the company guarantees that it is possible to use it without problems and that the design is very comfortable.

Unfortunately, the company has no plans to sell the ring anytime soon, so collectors looking to add the record-breaking piece to their jewelry boxes may be out of luck.

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