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Ever wondered about the power of color? How it affects your mood, touches your deepest senses and evokes emotions?
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We truly can't get enough of our latest ALL RESIN capsule collection, Soulful Spectrum. The collection pieces bring together irregular shapes with vibrant colors, making them redolent of a beautiful and carefree summer stroll. The beauty of the resin stones used in the collection is derived in no small part from the cloudy pearl interior complemented with laser engravings to bring liveliness to the diverse shapes.

Jude Benhalim’s newly launched fashion jewelry takes a sunny turn with six sorbets shades of electric blue, lime green, raspberry pink and emerald green and violet for the summer nights. Silhouettes echo those from previous collection with refined updates in design.

In this capsule collection, Jude Benhalim anchors into an exploration of what color psychology means and how colors have the ability to elicit deep emotions and nostalgic memories that have once been forgotten. Earlier this month, Jude Benhalim teamed up with fashion influencer Yasmine Zahran to be the face of the launch campaign, as she perfectly embodied the colorful jewelry. Styling the bold pieces in everyday beach wear is all we’ve been doing this summer, and to encourage our fans to discover their true colors, Jude Benhalim launched a monochromatic virtual try-on filter on Instagram that allows you to try on all 4 styles in all their colors!



Jude Benhalim’s very first all-resin capsule collection is customized by our team of local artisans using the best resin-making practices, including laser-cutting, polishing, drilling and color dyeing.

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