Sustainable Engagement Rings from Shahla Karimi, The 2020 Engagement Ring Series

All rings are sustainably made with 100% recycled gold or platinum and are available with ethically sourced conflict free diamonds or cultivated diamonds.
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The 2020 engagement ring series is about restraint and paring down the unnecessary, leaving behind only what is the most important. 

The 3-Stone series, gives a nod to deco design, reimagined for 2020. Shedding excess details, our signature soft knife edge draws the eye to the trio of carefully balanced diamonds in each ring.  Set low and flush to the finger, the 3-stone setting is designed with comfort in mind. 

The offset rings pay homage to rare stone shapes. To accentuate each stone's unique shape, a substantial setting plays with position and proportion.  As each stone is different, each setting follows suite.

A claw-set kite shaped diamond is balanced on a wide band.

The slant rings pay homage to bauhaus design with straight-forward simplicity and a streamlined aesthetic. The graphic slant playfully creates a thirty-five degree foundation to house the diamond. From the front, the diamond appears to hover on a singular oval disc.  A hidden partial brace on the bottom keeps the ring from tilting.

The duet gap rings are another distillation of bauhaus influence with a focus on primary shapes and fine materials. The 2mm gap playfully accentuate each stone's shape, a substantial setting plays with position and proportion.  As each duet is different, each setting follows suite.

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