Swarovski Celebrates 125 Years of Brilliant Craftmanship with Its Fall 2020 Collection

The new Swarovski Fall 2020 Collection continues to celebrate 125 years of heritage, rich history and commitment to the craft of sparkle
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The Collection showcases the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, contemporary flair, and creativity.

Timeless classics are reimagined with a modern twist, while bold and daring designs empower women to express themselves and their style.

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Five generations ago, Daniel Swarovski invented his revolutionary crystal cutting machine when he founded the Swarovski company in 1895. Since then, Swarovski crystals have been illuminating the world with true brilliance. Over the years, whilst the world has evolved, Swarovski’s original spirit remains relevant, and the brand’s latest collection pays homage to this rich legacy.

Swarovski’s heritage, traditions and craftsmanship are brought to life through the Fall 2020 Collection, which captures the elegance and crystal mastery at the heart of the brand.

From easy-to-wear classics infused with a modern touch to all-out bold designs, the Collection appeals to all styles, occasions and moods. Skilfully finished by Swarovski artisans, contemporary jewelry silhouettes and a spectrum of bright, precision-cut Swarovski crystals empower women around the world to feel more confident and glamorous.



Swarovski lends a sophisticated and sparkling twist to the fashionable spiral jewelry trend. Curving lines embellished with refined Swarovski sparkle wrap around fingers, wrists and necklines, adding a dynamic and elegant accent to everyday outfits. The 125 th Anniversary Edition is a timeless interpretation of the iconic style in Swarovski blue.

Styling Tip: Wear the 125 th Anniversary Twist ring as a statement piece to add a touch of Swarovski’s signature blue sparkle.


A match pairing style and expertise, the Tahlia bracelet exudes a lively color palette with polished gold plated, rose-gold plated and silver plated tones, and sparkling Swarovski crystal facets that take center stage thanks to the round-cut and sleek bezel setting. Shimmering shades of Swarovski crystal including vintage rose, aquamarine and golden catch the light beautifully and bring a fresh yet timeless appeal.

Styling Tip: This everyday style staple calls out to be stacked, layered and worn together to add a splash of color to an outfit.


Since 1895, Swarovski continues to inspire the world of fashion. Each season the brand puts its signature spin on the latest trends and for fall it turns its attention to chain link trend. Time’s All-Around Necklace bold chain links and sparkling clear Swarovski crystal pavé embellishments exude a distinctive rebellious look. And, because punk is all about expressing your individuality, the Oval earrings feature removable elements – so you can sparkle your way.

Styling Tip: The bold, punk inspired design can be worn to add attitude or add a glimmer of sparkle to casual looks.


The Elements necklace translates the four elements of earth, fire, air, and water into, feminine, easy-to-wear silhouettes. Swarovski is known for the ultra-precise quality of the work performed by its artisans, and these designs feature the brand’s signature Pointiage® technique - a method of hand-setting, which achieves the distinctive Swarovski sparkle and striking color graduation. The versatile necklace features removable embellishments that can be worn in a multitude of ways, while the cocktail ring dazzles in a vivid gradation of Swarovski crystal colours.

Styling Tips: Wear the Elements necklace as it is or change it up with the removable elements – this collection is all about letting your individuality shine.

The Swarovski Fall 2020 Collection combines beautiful Swarovski crystal colors, creative design, and meticulous craftsmanship for a range of jewelry and accessories designed to make women around the world shine. The Collection is available on and in Swarovski stores from July 2020.



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