Wanderlust + Co Unveils Its Striking New Star-Studded Collection, Electric Dream.

The brand's newest jewellery collection, Electric Dream, channels both bold and dreamy vibes.
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Wanderlust + Co unveils a magical new jewellery line, Electric Dream, boasting many star-studded, sparkling pieces and featuring celestial motifs. The collection stands for freedom of expression, expressing boldness and encouraging everyone to shine on, albeit taking on a different tone from the brand's previous collections and still maintaining the same level of quality of craftsmanship. 

A proud feature that Wanderlust + Co takes pride in for all their collections, the jewellery pieces are all made from good quality brass, then coated with 14k gold and rhodium, and completed with the finishing touch of e-coating. Highlighting this collection is the use of cubic zirconia gems to give that added sparkle to the line. 

The collection is available in four different series - Kaia, Aurora, Skylar and Zyia. 


1. Kaia 

1561458408694006 wanderlustandco electric dream kaia silver lariat necklace 01  691561458409088598 wanderlustandco  fw19 kaia stardust gold earrings  69
1561458409388562 wanderlustandco electric dream kaia stardust silver necklace 01  591561458409678934 wanderlustandco electric dream kaia silver ring set 01  59

Each coming in gold and silver variations, the Kaia pieces are unique but definitely wearable day-to-day. The cubic zirconia stones in each of the pieces come in different faceted cuts of pear, baguette, marquise, oval and square, in pretty shades of blush pink, sky blue, olive green, and simply clear. The line is decorated with stars, adding a magical touch. 


2. Aurora

1561458409983879 wanderlustandco electric dream aurora gem silver necklace 01  691561458410290586 wanderlustandco electric dream aurora gem bracelet 01  59

The Aurora series takes its inspiration from the northern lights- which explains its colourful selection of faceted gems, coming in blush pink, burnt orange, sky blue, olive green and clear colours, all made to be worn as layering pieces throughout the collection. The Aurora Gem Necklace comes in gold or silver, while the Aurora Gem Bracelet comes in gold. 


3. Skylar

1561458411524657 wanderlustandco electric dream skylar  layered necklace 01  591561458411878953 wanderlustandco electric dream skylar bracelet 01  55
1561458412191081 wanderlustandco electric dream skylar huggies earrings 01  491561458412514208 wanderlustandco electric dream skylar coctail ring 01  49
1561458412886977 wanderlustandco electric dream skylar xl hoop silver earrings 01  69

The Skylar series is bold and inspired by cosmic objects, as seen from its crescent moon-shaped pendants. The cosmic pieces are a dream in itself, but down to earth enough for day-to-day wearability. In the series, the most extravagant piece would be the silver Skylar XL Hoop Earrings, perfect to take you from the workplace to a summer party! This is also the only silver piece in the series, with the rest coming in gold. 


4. Zyia 

1561458413213165 wanderlustandco electric dream zyia cosmic silver earrings 01  591561458413531787 wanderlustandco electric dream zyia gold choker necklace 01  55
1561458413816699 wanderlustandco electric dream zyia silver lariat necklace 01  59

Last but not least, the Zyia series is endearingly called the little sister of the Electric Dream collection. The series takes on a more basic, clean-cut appearance, making the pieces look more like closet essentials.

The Zyia Lariat Necklace and Zyia Choker Necklace are designed perfectly for layering, making for easy pairing with other necklaces and accessories. On the other hand, the Zyia Cosmic Earrings have a slightly edgier look thanks to the chain design and shiny crystal details. Both models come in gold and silver.

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