On the Road With Phony Ppl

The New York-based band and photographer Ryan Jay shot their way around Seoul, South Korea, and shared the results exclusively with L'Officiel USA
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Photography Ryan Jay

Brooklyn-based band collective Phony Ppl has taken the music scene by storm, but more recently, it's done the same to South Korea. Photographed by Ryan Jay, the quintet explored the country's capital city of Seoul ahead of a festival performance. Since their tour, they've also set to release a single, Something About Your Love, on 10/5.

Channeling Abbey Road, walking the streets of Hongdae in western Seoul, South Korea near Hongik University, after which it is named. It is known for its urban arts and indie music culture, clubs and entertainment.

Elijah Rawk posing in front of some graffiti he liked. Wearing his newly purchased face mask.

Elbee Thrie found an ATV in front of a shop to take a photograph on.

Excited Elbee Thrie’s first ride on the Seoul subway system. A bit different than the Subway in New York. Elbee’s first international mass transit experience, his first time outside North America.

Matthew trying to read the Korean subway map.

A moment to chill on the yellow steps of Hongdae.

Living wall and pink door. Seoul is filled with creativity.

Live at Rapbeat festival at gocheok sky dome. Elbee Thrie pictured above, Elijah Rawk below.

Matthew pictured above, Bari Bass below on the massive Rapbeat stage at Gocheok sky dome.

Phony PPL finally meet their fan Krystal who happens to be one of the biggest Kpop idols.

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